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Rare Coin - Cryptocurrency

While Bitcoin (BTC) and major altcoins tend to garner most of the attention from investors, this undiscovered altcoin gem has absolute exploded in just the first week of trading!

In just under 7 days, “Rare Coin” traded up to $1530 after the claiming app had garnered over 3000 claimers waiting to get a piece of the new cryptocurrency on the xDai blockchain for virtually free.

It’s okay if you never heard about “Rare coin” because it was only just incepted nearly a few short months ago. So here are just a few cool facts about it!

Cool Facts About Rare Coin

“Rare” is a new…

It’s easy to look back from the present and imagine … if only I got in then! — Saying that now is obvious with hindsight, but without knowing the future back then would you have really bought some?

There's an amazingly sweet and short TED video about how to start a movement. In the video, there is a boy who is dancing alone. At first, he looks like a complete fool all by himself exposing himself to potential public ridicule.

It's not until a few more risk-takers join in on the fun that it looks a bit more compelling. Sooner…

Rarify is a collection of Defi applications that lets anyone claim and earn RARE COIN Cryptocurrency virtually free.

Rare Coin lives on an Ethereum sidechain called, The Xdai Chain. This makes it possible for nearly instant and free transactions. ( < 7s transaction speed, < 0.07 cents per transaction). This allows us to distribute Rare Coin virtually for free rather than transacting on the slow and expensive Ethereum main chain. (Up to an hour and $50 per transaction).

Unlike Bitcoin or Ether, RARE coins are “Farmed” instead of “Mined”. Two Rare coins are created and distributed every day: One is…

Rare Coin - Cryptocurrency

Allowing Anyone To Claim, Earn And Hold One Of The Rarest And Fairest Cryptocurrencies.

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