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10 Facts Why Rare Coin Can 100x This Year 🚀

While Bitcoin (BTC) and major altcoins tend to garner most of the attention from investors, this undiscovered altcoin gem has absolute exploded in just the first week of trading!

In just under 7 days, “Rare Coin” traded up to $1530 after the claiming app had garnered over 3000 claimers waiting to get a piece of the new cryptocurrency on the xDai blockchain for virtually free.

It’s okay if you never heard about “Rare coin” because it was only just incepted nearly a few short months ago. So here are just a few cool facts about it!

Cool Facts About Rare Coin

“Rare is a new cryptocurrency made possible by the cheap fees on the xDai Stake Blockchain that is easily accessible from wallets like Aplhawallet & Metamask with just a few settings tweaked.

1) Rare Coin has only been publicly available since March 8th 2021.

2) There will only ever be 36500 coins total and 720 coins released this year. The last coins won’t hit the market until 2071.

3) 99.9% of the total supply is up for grabs via our claiming app (out now) or staking app (Out Now).

4) Rare Coin is 575x rarer than Bitcoin.

5) If you are reading this in 2021 it’s like stumbling upon a bitcoin article in 2009.

What Makes Rare Extremely Fair?

Two Rare coins are created and distributed every day on the xDai Network: One is equally distributed to the daily Claimers and one is weighted distributed to the weekly Stakers.

Unlike Bitcoin or Ether, RARE coins are “Farmed” instead of “Mined“. This means you don’t need to invest thousands into computer equipment to get free crypto, you just need to setup a free Wallet, add a few xDai, prove you’re human and YOU can be collecting free crypto!

Can Rare Coin 100x This Year?

Let's Look At The Facts. Every point has backlinks to evidence of the point itself, back check for yourself. The project is fresh, launched just a few months ago and developers delivering on their unique claiming and yield farming app on the xDai chain.


1. Launched & Delivering On Promises — Let’s face it, the Hardest thing about crypto investing is finding projects that are legit that haven’t popped already! Rare Coin launched March 8th on xDai Chain & is proven to deliver on their claiming app which is live and accessible and is now ready to launch their staking app on May 3rd!

Project Overview By YouTuber

Ref => Claim App: https://rare.fyi/
Ref => Staking App: https://rare.fyi/stake

2. No Large Bag Holders // 99.5% Of Supply Locked For You — Nearly 100% of the supply is still up for grabs by anyone through either their claiming app (open to anyone to make daily claims) or through their staking app (open to all rare holders) and the majority of liquidity will be locked for months to earn yield in their staking app.

Ref => Claim Supply
Ref =>Locked Liqudity

3. Low Supply // Hard-capped — Only 36,500 coins will ever exist and 100% of that supply up for grabs! 2 coins have been slowly dripping once a day from the inception of this smart contract on the xDai chain with over 3000 token holders!

Ref => Total Supply

4. Strong Fundamentals — Rare coin will not only serve as a great store of value due to its extremely distributed token structure and low supply, its cheap network fees (less then 0.0001 penny to send) and fast transactions (<5s) allow Rare coin to be integrated into marketplaces like uNifty to buy NFTs, InsideOurDream marketplace and Point of Sale Systems as a means of payment.

Roadmap image

Ref => Roadmap

5. Strong Demand Brewing — Rare coin will be in strong demand to earn Rare Yield through the staking app which over 50% of the supply is dedicated to offering yields of up to 1000% APR! In addition to that, they are confirmed to be integrating into a larger crypto social media project which will supply constant liquidity and buying pressure on the coin as staking through rare will be a requirement!

Ref => Integration 2021

6. Low Market Cap // OverSold — Rare coin traded from $50–1600 in a short time hitting a peak of 10k volume and is now oversold at $400 per coin. Marketcap is currently *only* 90,000 USD, With only 100k volume rare coin will hit 10k per coin and a market cap of just 1 million making it still super undervalued compared to other DeFi projects. With a 10 Million market cap this coin could hit 100k so even holding a fraction can 100x your money, think YFI but way less supply available at this time.

Ref => OverSold Live Price Chart

7. The Dev team is Communicative & Transparent — They will answer any of your questions and are responsive. You can go to their telegram group right now and talk to them directly if you like.

Ref Telegram Group => https://t.me/rarify_community

8. They Are Constantly Rewarding Holders — They are planing an upcoming NFT drop for their telegram followers and have run airdrops to users of their app in the past!


Ref Past Airdrop => https://twitter.com/RarifyApps/status/

9. Easy to Buy And Bridge From BSC — They have lots of great writeups of how to get set up in xDai, how to get some xDai, and info on how to use their apps.

How To Bridge From BSC

Bridge From BSC-XDAI => https://rare.fyi/BSC-XDAI
Easy To Buy => https://rare.fyi/get-rare

Ref Docs => https://rare.fyi/articles/
Ref FAQs => https://rare.fyi/faqs/

10. Rare Coin Supported by the 1hive Community — Strong-hearted community and growing with support from The 1hive community which has backed some of the most successful projects I mentioned before like Honeyswap, Agve and others.

1hive Thred: https://forum.1hive.org/t/rare-claims-is-official-public-daily-token-airdrop-xdai-exclusive-project/2825"

Bitcoin.com mentioned them as well: https://news.bitcoin.com/rare-crypto-faucet-and-defi-apps-launch-on-xdai-chain/

Do I really need to say anything else? Rare has 10 more reasons to hodl than most! Openly Distributed, strong fundamentals, high yield & real deliverables. Do your own research & you will see too that you don’t want to be left behind on this one!


Tiker = RARE | Name = Rare Coin v2 | Contract = 0x57e93BB58268dE818B42E3795c97BAD58aFCD3Fe

💸 Buying instruction: https://rare.fyi/get-rare

🍯 HoneySwap: https://rare.fyi/trade

🚀 Website: https://rare.fyi/

🚀 FAQS: https://rare.fyi/faqs

💵 Official Claiming App: https://rare.claims

🔐 Official Staking App : https://rare.fyi/stake

➡️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RarifyApps

📰 News: https://t.me/rarify_news

🤞 Support: https://t.me/rarify_community

Contracts Audited: https://rare.fyi/faqs/#staker

📈 Price Chart: https://app.moontools.io/pairs/honeyswap/0x5805bb63e73ec272c74e210d280c05b41d719827"

Allowing Anyone To Claim, Earn And Hold One Of The Rarest And Fairest Cryptocurrencies. ➡ https://rare.fyi