Rare Coin - Cryptocurrency

Are you the one cracking jokes with your friends? Love crypto projects? Is your library full of memes for every occasion? Then this is for you!

This month you will have the chance to test your art-making skills to turn your original rare meme into an official Rare NFT!

Post your original Rare Memes to Twitter anytime this month for a chance to win some limited edition NFTs, win a lifetimes supply of Meme royalties and make your Meme an official NFT!

Big prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entries! All the details required can be found in the post below.


  1. Follow @rarifyApps on Twitter
  2. Like & retweet this tweet (tweet URL)
  3. Create and comment an original meme in the above tweet using hashtags #RareCoin, #RareMeme2021, #MemeContest
  4. Join RareCoin Community For More Info (t.me/rarify_community)


  1. Every participant can submit one meme, so make it count! Multiple entries will not be reviewed.
  2. No NSFW memes. Keep it family-friendly.
  3. Rarify is not responsible for any copyright issues. The owner is responsible for not infringing any copyright.


Feel free to use the following assets in your meme *not required for submission*

Rare Guy


1st Prize: Meme Turned Into Official Rare NFT (Including 20% NFT Royalties) + 1 Limited NFT (Worth $500 xDai)
2nd Prize: 1 Venture NFT (Worth $125 xDai) + Honorable Mention
3rd Prize: 1 Perks NFT (Worth $5 xDai) + Honorable Mention


The winners will be selected according to the number of likes they get in their comments with the original meme. The three memes with the most likes will win the corresponding prize.


❗ Submissions deadline: 18:00 UTC on 28/07/2021

❗ Social Media Tally cutoff: 18:00 UTC on 01/08/2021

❗ Winner announcement: 02/08/2021

Also, make sure you join our telegram news channel to hear up-to-date announcements about the project or join our community to get to the minute news on when it opens!

Official FAQS: https://rare.fyi/faqs
Official Claiming App: https://rare.claims
Public News Channel: https://t.me/rarify_news
Rarify Public Community: https://t.me/rarify_community

Allowing Anyone To Claim, Earn And Hold One Of The Rarest And Fairest Cryptocurrencies. ➡ https://rare.fyi